PRCollections - Time to Capture your Memories.: Blog en-us (C)Phil Rogers (PRCollections) (PRCollections - Time to Capture your Memories.) Fri, 17 Nov 2017 20:41:00 GMT Fri, 17 Nov 2017 20:41:00 GMT PRCollections - Time to Capture your Memories.: Blog 96 120 Referral scheme Here's a little bit of an incentive to all my previous wedding clients. Recommend me to someone you know who's getting married in the next 12-18 months and if they book me, you will both get an A3+ print (32.9 x 48.3 cm) from your wedding, completely free of charge - including postage.  I usually sell these for £20.00 plus postage.

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Prize Draw Here's your chance to win your wedding photography - one prize only and you will win the following:

My Classic Collection worth £695.00 which includes all of the following:

Pre Wedding consultation.
Photography from an hour before the ceremony up until the speeches.
All final images from the day professionally edited in a mixture of colour and black and white, presented on a memory stick ready for printing and sharing.
Private, password protected online gallery for you, your guests and family and friends to view and order enlargements etc., from. 

Any extras such as bride and/or groom prep, albums, prints, photography into the evening etc. can be added but will incur extra charges.

To be in with a chance to win, simply e mail your details to me here before 24/12/17 with details of your wedding - limited to North Wales weddings - I will travel further afield but travel/accommodation charges will apply. Weekend weddings and the 1st week of August 2018 only. One name will be picked at random on Christmas Eve, think of it as an early Christmas present. If you don't win, then I still have discounted offers available. T&C's apply.

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How to choose your perfect wedding photographer. I know I've been banging on about how you shouldn't choose your wedding photographer based purely on price or the particular brand of camera they use. That is still true but have you given any thought to photographers who offer different types of photography on one website?

On this site, I only offer wedding photography as my feeling is that if a couple are looking for a wedding photographer, they won't want to see images of newborn or  landscapes etc., they will want to see wedding images.

Yes I offer other types of photography but on a separate website, that way, I can keep my wedding photography unique and I couldn't do that if I had other types of photography work on here. That is another consideration for choosing your perfect wedding photographer. 


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Discounted Wedding Photography I have the following discounts off my wedding collections: 

10% discount off any of my wedding collections for emergency service personnel - all year round but can't be used in conjunction with any other offer.

£100.00 off winter 2017/18 weddings - main collections only and valid for December 2017-February 2018 and also can't be used in conjunction with any other offer. May be extended to Winter 2018/19 weddings so please ask. 

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Wedding Fayre, 8/10/17 I will have a stand at the Wedding Fayre from 11am on Sunday 8th October 2017 at the Lyons Nant Hall Hotel in Prestatyn. Come and visit my stand for some Show only offers - T&C's apply.

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Wedding 9/9/17 It was a pleasure to be part of Alice and Martin's wedding at the wonderful location that is the Rhos Fynach, in Rhos on Sea, North Wales. The building, a former monastery is now a pub/restaurant with a licence for civil ceremonies.

The weather was good for a wedding and we managed to get photographs outside between the brisk showers but all in all, a good day was had with lots of photographs taken.

Thank you both for allowing me to be part of your special day and I wish you all the best for your future together. I was made to feel very welcome by you, your family and friends.

                                                             OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Jemma & Jon's wedding - 2nd September 2017. It was an absolute pleasure to be part of Jemma & Jon's special day at The Beaches Hotel in Prestatyn on the North Wales coast. The weather was perfect for wedding photography, a bit of sunshine but also a bit of light cloud which helped people not to squint in the bright sunshine.

The day started with photos of Jemma getting ready, shots of the ceremony and reception rooms, followed by the actual ceremony then group and individual shots outside in the grounds of the hotel. Thank you both for allowing me to be part of your special day - what a lovely couple and I wish you all the best for your future together.

This is probably one of my favourite shots of the day:

                                                     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Wedding Fayre - 8th October 2017 There's a wedding fayre coming up on Sunday 8th October 2017 at Lyons Nant Hall Hotel, Prestatyn, North Wales - for sat nav users, the post code is LL19 9LD. Doors open at 11am until 4pm.

I'll be exhibiting there and you will be able to see samples of the wedding albums I currently include in my three wedding collections, along with other bits and pieces such as sample prints and wall art.

Visit my stand for show only offers which will only apply if you book my services within two weeks of the show and includes 2018/19 weddings (and 2017 if you are getting married in November or December and haven't yet booked your photographer!)

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Emma & Paul's Wedding 12/8/17 It was just another normal Saturday morning and I was planning a trip to a local wildlife reserve to do some personal photogaphy. Then at 11:35, I got a phone call from a number I didn't recognise. Thinking it might be a wedding enquiry, I quickly answered.

It was a former work colleague: "Are you working today?" "No" I said. "How can I help you?" "Can you do a wedding?" "Where and when?" I asked. "Llandudno Town Hall, in 25 minutes, we've been let down and the original photographer just hasn't turned up!" So to save the couples special day, I made my way to the venue to shoot the wedding. I also attended the reception and the evening reception too and was made very welcome by the couple, Emma and Paul and also by their respective families and guests. Thank you both for allowing me to be part of your special day and I wish you all the best for your future together, you make a lovely couple.

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Kirstie & Tim's Wedding - 29/7/17 It was an absolute pleasure to be part of Kirstie & Tim's special day, photographing their wedding at the beautiful location that is The Arts Centre at Bangor University - one of only two cities in North Wales (the other being St Asaph.)

The day started with shots of Kirstie getting ready with her mum, Matron of Honour, two Bride's Maids and a flower girl (Kirstie's niece - her nephew was a page boy but he was getting ready with his dad at another location.)

Everyone looked stunning but Kirstie was particularly outstanding in her beautiful dress, the Matron of Honour (Kirstie's twin sister Katie) and Bride's Maids wore pale lemon dresses, the flower girl a lovely dress which matched Kirstie's.

The ceremony room - Powys Hall, was stupendous and with all the guests (and Tim of course) assembled, Kirstie made her entrance on her dad's arm, preceded by the flower girl, Bride's Maids and Matron of Honour. 

After the ceremony, there were some stunning locations around the Arts Centre for photographs and I had the help of the Wedding organiser, Lauren Bate, choosing the different locations including some shots in the library. With Lauren's help, I was able to get some stunning images (thank you Lauren.)

Speeches and a wonderful meal followed in another fabulous room, more photographs and then the evening reception which added to the fun of the day. 

I wish the happy couple every joy and happiness for the future, they certainly deserve it and thank you both for allowing me to be part of your special day.

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What equipment do I use? I often hear, "You should only pick your wedding photographer if they use a particular brand of camera/lens." (Usually Nikon or Canon.)

In March 2014, I was introduced to the Olympus OM-D-EM micro four thirds (M4/3rds) camera system, smaller and lighter than my Canon kit but with equally good image quality when using professional lenses from the likes of Olympus, Sigma and Panasonic. According to Olympus, the EM1 model at the time was designed to out perform the DSLR and is splashproof, dust proof but unlike the Canon system I was using, freeze proof down to minus 10!

I dipped my toe into the system but kept my Canon kit at the same time. However, in November 2016, I finally took the plunge and now exclusively use the M4/3rds system and I now use an Olympus OM-D-EM1 as my main camera. The lens I use with this camera is a Lumix 12-35mm with a fast aperture to enable me to make the subject "pop out" from the background - this is known as bokeh, a Japanese word meaning out of focus. I use an Olympus OM-D-EM5 and Lumix 35-100 with a fast aperture as my second camera and also carry back up kit in the form of lens, batteries, memory cards etc., something your "friend" or "friend of a friend" may not have.

So if my images have a "blurry background" this is done entirely for artistic reasons such as the image of the bride and groom. The same goes if I cut heads off, this is to emphasise a particular detail such as the bouquet shot below.


The EM1, EM5 and the two lenses I use are weather sealed as is my spare lens so I can carry on shooting if it's raining or snowing when your "friend" or "friend of a friend" with the cheap camera/lens, will be running for cover!

More and more wedding photographers are turning to the M4/3rd system along with other mirrorless brands such as Fuji and Sony so don't be put off by photographers using these systems as they are as good at producing quality images as the one's using the likes of Nikon or Canon. 

Another plus for me, on the weight side, after a long day shooting with my Canon kit, I would be full of aches and pains the next day. Now, I don't have problems of that nature after a wedding shoot as the M4/3rds system is just so light!

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The real cost of wedding photography Re blogging as a timely reminder to those getting married in 2017 and beyond: Wedding photography prices vary greatly from a few hundred pounds to £1,000.00's depending on what you require. 

Is the photographer just starting out and getting a portfolio together? Are they a friend or friend of a friend who just happens to own a camera? Think you'll save money because a friend is taking your photographs? Think again!

Before choosing a photographer based on price alone, please consider the following:

Are they using professional equipment and not entry level kit? I only use professional equipment and using entry level equipment will ultimately affect the quality of the images especially if used in low light such as the evening reception and this can result in grainy images also known as "noise" which can degrade an image.

Don't choose your photographer based on the fact that they use a particular brand of camera or lens such as Canon or Nikon - see here:

Do they have back up equipment? I always carry two cameras and lenses plus a backup lens in my bag. I also have a  spare flashgun, eight large capacity memory cards and numerous batteries for my cameras and flashguns. Would your "friend" or "friend of a friend" have this backup? Nothing worse than an equipment fail mid shoot and no back up! The very thought fills me with dread.

Do they edit their images using  professional software? I always shoot in a format known as RAW which is like a digital negative and work from that using Lightroom and Photoshop from Adobe. All cameras will process Jpegs in camera and that's not always a good thing - some will say that large Jpegs are just as good as RAW. I wholeheartedly disagree, RAW files are not processed in camera so do not lose any information such as shadows/highlights etc. People paying a lot of money will expect high quality images.

Has the photographer had training in the art of Wedding Photography? I've received training from The Guild of Photographers - the photographers trade body with over 2,000 members with access to professional training, not just in Wedding Photography.

Do they have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance? I have, plus any second photographer I use will either have their own insurance or be covered under mine as I also have Employer Liability cover.

Are they a member of a recognised Professional body such as the Guild, SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) or MPA? (Master Photographer's Association.)

Do you like their particular style of photography and just as important, can you get on with them? They could be with you for up to 12 hours on your special day after all.

These are just a few points of many as to why you shouldn't choose your wedding photographer based on price alone but also have a look at this: Average Cost for Wedding Photography. The average price for wedding photography in 2015 was £1,520.00 and the link explains why.

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Wedding 28/05/17 Sunday 28th May 2017, saw the marriage of Sami Forshaw & Ian Samuels at the wonderful location that is The Oriel House in St Asaph (One of only two cities in North Wales.)

The day started out warm but a bit overcast - at least it stayed dry! The ceremony went ahead without a hitch then followed by a drinks reception, wedding breakfast and speeches which is where I then left. I did however, sample the wonderful three course meal, generously provided by this lovely couple.

It was an absolute pleasure to be part of their day and the bonus for them was that they won the wedding photography in a recent prize draw which I had shared on Facebook.

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Wedding 14th May 2017 continued...... Following on from my last post, Andy & Aaron tied the knot on the 14th May 2017 at The Guild Hall, Conwy in the Mayor's Parlour. The weather was fantastic despite a brief shower just prior to the start of the ceremony. After the ceremony, everyone headed into Conwy Castle - courtesy of Andy & Aaron, for group and individual photos. Then it was off to their reception at The Station Hotel, Colwyn Bay and once I'd taken photos of the room set up and a "staged" cake cutting that was me done for the day.

Then it was time to start processing the images, putting them on to my website and on to their memory stick, ready for delivery yesterday - 20th May on their return from honeymoon. They were both very happy with the images which is always good to hear after shooting a wedding. I wish them both good luck for their future together and it was an absolute pleasure to be part of their special day.

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Wedding 14/05/17 Just like to wish Andy & Aaron, all the best for their special day tomorrow, Sunday 14th May 2017 and I'm proud to be associated with them and honoured that they've chosen me to capture their special day.

The weather forecast is looking good with only a 10% chance of rain so should make for some really good images but even if it does rain there are always other options to capture the day as it unfolds. 

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Payment Options You can spread the cost of your wedding photography to help you budget, interest free but full payment must be made 4 weeks before the wedding.

I also accept the following payment methods:


Credit or Debit Card.

BACS transfer - preferred method.

Cheque - payable to J P Rogers (that's me!)

And of course, good old fashioned cash.

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Wedding season With Spring just around the corner, many brides to be are looking to get married from about March onwards. Have you chosen your photographer yet? If not, please consider some of the previous blog posts I've written such as "The real cost of wedding photography" and "Camera Equipment" to mention just 2!

Also, don't forget that I'm running a draw to win four prizes of Wedding Phography worth between £599.00 & £1,049.00 - some might think there's a catch but the only T&C is if your wedding is outside North Wales or outside the UK, the only cost to you will be travel/accommodation charges.

The prize applies to 2017/18 weddings but you must apply before the deadline of 31st March 2017 to be eligible. The draw will take place on 03/04/17 and the results will be published on my Facebook page:

All you need to do to enter the draw is to e mail your details and why you think you should win to me before 31/3/17 to: Good luck! It could be you!

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Now Booking for 2017 Are you engaged or know someone who is? Book before 31/01/17 , mention this post and get £100.00 off any of my wedding collections - 2017 weddings only.  One lucky winner will also receive a free wedding album worth £350.00. This is in addition to my free prize draw, if you don't win that, you could get this offer so please get sharing. T&C's apply.



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Camera Equipment Prospective Brides/Grooms, have you ever been advised by a wedding magazine or a friend to book a wedding photographer purely because he or she uses Canon or Nikon? If so, then please view this video:

As long as your photographer produces stunning images, can you really tell what camera they were taken with?


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Special Offers. Getting married in 2017/18? Want to avoid any price rises once you've chosen your photographer? Then look no further, I currently have TWO, yes TWO offers for your 2017/18 wedding.

Offer 1) Book and pay the booking fee of £100.00 (usually £200.00) before the 30th April 2017 - the booking fee will be taken off the final balance and must be paid at the time of booking otherwise it will revert back to £200.00.

Offer 2) No price rise guaranteed even if my suppliers increase their prices - but only if booked before 30th April 2017.

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