Formal or Reportage (Documentary)?

January 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Do you want your wedding photographed in a formal style or prefer a more relaxed style known as reportage or documentary? This captures the day more freely and allows you more time with your guests with the photographer just shooting as the day progresses without the worry of "set up" poses etc.

I can shoot your wedding in whatever style you choose or a mixture of both. However, I do find that limiting the group shots to just a few - say a minimum of 10 takes up less time with the photographer and more time to relax and enjoy your day as it unfolds.

Obviously, there will be the usual shots of the ceremony, exchanging of rings, first kiss, signing the Register etc., and if choosing a more formal type, I would require a list of "must have" shots a few weeks before. Then I generally give the list to the Best Man or Chief Bride's Maid to organise the people concerned as they are more likely to know who's who etc. Don't worry about the actual setting up of the shot, leave that to me or my second shooter to organise - should you choose to have a second shooter. In my photo gallery, you'll see a "Heart" shaped group shot, that took some setting up but it was worth it in the end and the couple loved it.


On the subject of Second shooter, this service comes highly recommended as he or she will be able to photograph the Groom etc., getting ready and capture those candid/special moments that may be missed if only one photographer is present. Any second shooter I use will be fully insured either on their own insurance or covered by my Employer's liability insurance.

Whichever package you choose, I never limit the number of photographs I take during my time with you.


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